Monday, April 30, 2007

Rice accumulation

The other day I started super-gluing rice together. Around about the same time I developed a cough and read online that cyanoacrylates can trigger asthma so today I ran to Maine Hardware and got a chemical respirator. I figure the slow breathing, nose pain, and discomfort caused by the respirator are a fair trade for chronic illness followed by cancer. Anyhow, I love the translucency of the jasmine rice I chose. This piece isn't quite done, but I like where it is going. It's starting to look like a cross between a crazy hair-do without a head and an electro-magnetic disturbance in a termite colony. I like how when building something out of components that are slightly different from each other, I become increasingly picky about them. There is an ideally shaped rice grain, first of all, with one rounded end and one scooping end. It must be free of fractures, or twists. Sometimes a grain is white in the center. I'm not sure what this indicates but I prefer a smooth translucent grain. I imagine a grain of rice can be graded as a diamond could, with or without inclusion,s on scales of clarity and color. Then I imagine that anything naturally occurring could be graded based on an ideal and I sense my material possibilities.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some rings I made the other day

These first two rings are made from the same cuttlebone cast strip of sterling silver, which was formed round and soldered. The insides are smoothed and are extremely comfortable. If you like the woodgrain look of these pieces, you should look at the work of Portland artist Jason Morrissey. The ring above was patinated to create more contrast.
This ring is composed of some random components I had in my tool box. I had this silver casting made from dripped injector wax and a small hollow band ring and I just soldered them together. I think it turned out pretty and nice, but I wouldn't wear it.

These rings are for sale at

can of pens with coaster and paper edge, in the style of a fancy dessert