Saturday, May 22, 2010

colored pencil drawing

I'm continuing with several drawings like this, growing geometric networks that look like cells or bubbles packing together. I'm starting them all similarly by laying down a triangular array and then building upon that grid in various ways using only straight lines without a ruler. I start at a single point on the paper and grow shapes to the edges of the paper, and I stop when I can't draw any more shapes without going off the edge of the paper. I'm thinking of the paper as an environment with a carrying capacity for life, and my little blobs are life. The edges of the paper are real boundaries. The paper is not just a window into some other world. It is the world. I think of it as a flatland ecosystem, and my drawn cells are some sort of dimension-challenged beginnings for life.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

colored pencil drawing

I'm beginning to use color again, and I like the results. I just don't have a very good pencil sharpener and I end up breaking off a lot of prismacolor pencil tips.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Patterns of Nature

I have several drawings in a group exhibit entitled "Patterns of Nature" at Åarhus Gallery, 50 Main Street, Belfast Maine, 04915

The exhibit runs May 6-30, 2010, open Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm
Opening reception Friday May 7, 5-8pm

Exhibiting artists are: Mary Barnes, Kimberly Callis, Ingrid Ellison, Annadeene Fowler, Clint Fulkerson, Kevin Johnson, Lynn Karlin, Mark Kelly, Richard Mann, Andrea Martens, Jonathan Mess, Ed Moffitt, Ben Potter, Abbie Read, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick, Rebecca Rivers, and Patricia Wheeler

Postcard image: Clint Fulkerson Entrance, 2007, ink and colored pencil on vellum, 6"x 5"