Friday, June 29, 2007


So I've begun taking photos of objects that are easily accessible to me and my plan is to turn them into fantastic scale-free collages. This is one of my side projects that apart from the actual erasing of backgrounds isn't too time consuming. In the future I may turn them into Monty Python-ish animations, but the goal at this point is to amass a pile of clip-art objects from my own life and set up interesting impossibilities that aren't just rivers flowing inside churches.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This past weekend we went up to 'The Land' in Farmingdale, where we camped it up with the Sylvains on Hutchinson Pond. Our first wedding gift was an acre of land abutting the Sylvain's 4 acres deeded to us from Kate's Mum Debbie. Yay! We're very excited. There are beautiful hardwood trees, swampage, frogs, snapping turtles and countless other things to keep a wannabe naturalist like myself busy. I found some diseased raspberry plants that were beautifully disgusting. I found ferns growing in every direction. Baby spiders were huddling on a leaf for safety. Suzanna and Johnny made a teeter-totter out of a dead tree that I pushed down. I found loads of carnivorous sundew plants.